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 Platform Zambia

 Looking back at 2020, a very exceptional year. 

The Zambia Day, much appreciated by so many, that the Zambia working group organizes every year, unfortunately had to be canceled twice. 

However, the fascinating theme: 'The role of women in the development of Zambia', which was deliberately put forward by the participants of the Zambia Day in 2019, will remain for the year 2021. We sincerely hope that in April 2021 we will have the day. 

In order to be able to follow the continuity of the reporting on Zambia to some extent, we are indebted to our diligent secretary Mrs. Arlet Splint. Many editions of this digital newsletter have been published under her inspiring leadership. Thank you also for the many contributions from contacts and participants from Zambia, the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Fortunately, the corona disease wave has hit Zambia only to a relatively modest extent. That does not alter the fact that for many Zambians the quality of life was indeed lagging behind due to the corona problems. Several of our Zambian brothers and sisters were put to the test by the symptoms of illness and the economic malaise. 

The Zambia working group wishes everyone a peaceful Christmas and a revival of everyone's social and economic conditions and opportunities in the new year 2021!

Joep van Dongen, Chairman Platform Zambia. 


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